<transcy>Hansharo Beer "Souun" American Pale Ale</transcy>

Hansharo Beer "Souun" American Pale Ale

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Volume : 330ml
Style : American Pale Ale
ABV : 5%
IBU : 34

Untappd Top 20 Japanese Brewery!

The refreshing, most food-friendly American Pale Ale with cool bottle design based on historical figure in Japan.

Classic American Pale Ale brewed in Japan. Strong citrusy and some piney aroma balancing with slightly toasted aroma from malts. Medium to light body. Similar to the aroma, citrusy flavor combining with slight toasty malt taste, slight hop bitterness. Crisp and clean aftertaste, very drinkable.

In order to pay respect to the homebrewers that popularized craft beer in USA, the name "Souun" was selected as he started as a lowly samurai in Izu and work his way to a Daimyo that eventually conquered whole Sagamino area. "Souun" is always used as a synonym for "The low overcomes the high". 
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