<transcy>Hansharo Beer "Yoritomo" Brown Porter</transcy>

Hansharo Beer "Yoritomo" Brown Porter

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*Please note the Best before date is 25/8/2021

Volume: 330ml
Style : Brown Porter
ABV : 5%
IBU : 25

Untappd Top 20 Japanese Brewery!

A rare style in Hong Kong, Brown Porter, brought back by Hansharo Beer. Cool bottle design based on historical figure in Japan.

Using British Hops to bring back the traditional Brown Porter. Compared to normal Porter, it doesn't has strong burnt/black malt characters. Chocolate Malt was selected for the caramel, chocolate & toffee like aroma. Medium to low body and hop bitterness, slight feel of roastiness, sweet and strong caramel character.

The name "Yoritomo" is inspired by well-known Sengoku Daimyo "Minamoto no Yoritomo". He was the founder of Kamakura Bakufu, which Bakufu is a government system that last in Japan for over 700years. Brown Porter has a long history and a lingering aftertaste of caramel/chocolate like flavors, the name "Yoritomo" was indicating the sustainability for both things. 
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