<transcy>Nikko Brewing (Trois) Strawberry Ale</transcy>

Nikko Brewing (Trois) Strawberry Ale

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*Please note the Best before date is 22/8/2021

Volume: 330ml
Style : Fruit Beer
ABV : 4.5%
IBU : 13

Strawberry Beer made with strawberries from (栃木県) Tochigi local farm.

Nikko Belgian Series is worked in a collboration with Consulated of Belgium, used more than a year to study and develop. With the theme of (新たな伝統) (New Classic), they want to innovate based on tradition. Product names (Un, Deux & Trios) mean 1,2,3 in French which symbolize the continuity for the series.

Third member for the series, Nikko (Trois) Strawberry Ale. Adding in enormous amout of Tochigi Prefecture's strawberries, which takes up 75% of the main ingredient. Pink color yet hazy body, strong strawberry's sweet and sour scent. Taste with full of strawberries' sourness, balancing with malt & strawberries' sweetness. Light body with almost unnoticeable bitterness and alcohol. Lingering aftertaste.  
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