<transcy>Nikko Brewing (Un) Belgian Blonde Ale</transcy>

Nikko Brewing (Un) Belgian Blonde Ale

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*Please note the Best before date is 22/8/2021

Volume: 330ml
Style : Belgian Blonde Ale
ABV : 6%
IBU : -

Working with Consulated of Belgium, Japan's take on classic Begium Beer!

Nikko Belgian Series is worked in a collboration with Consulated of Belgium, used more than a year to study and develop. With the theme of (新たな伝統) (New Classic), they want to innovate based on tradition. Product names (Un, Deux & Trios) mean 1,2,3 in French which symbolize the continuity for the series.

Brewing with natrual spring water from Nikko, 3 different malt and two varieties of hops. Nikko (Un) Belgian Blonde Ale has a medium to low body, gold color with slight haze. Citrusy scent from Belgian yeast, perfect balance between malt sweetness and slight hop's bitterness, some spice feel on aftertaste. Overall a very refreshing beer with great drinkability which you can barely feel it has 6 ABV. 
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