<transcy>Tainai Kogen "Ginrou" English IPA</transcy>

Tainai Kogen "Ginrou" English IPA

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Volume: 330ml
Style : English IPA (Specialty Grain)
ABV : 6%
IBU : -

A beer that made with the famous Koshihikari Rice (越光米)

Speaking of Niigata Prefecture, the most famous thing would be Koshihikari Rice and Sake. Tanai Kogen Brewery wants people to know Niigata has great craft beers also. That’s why they brew beer with Koshihikari to create the Ginrou series.
Ginrou IPA has strong bitterness character from 3 different citrusy hops, balancing out by flavor of Koshihikari rice. Overall a beer with great balance between bitterness and aroma, refreshing and very drinkable.

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