<transcy>AJB Co. "Bread" Golden Ale</transcy>

AJB Co. "Bread" Golden Ale

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*Please note the Best before date is 31/10/2021

Volume : 330ml

Style : Golden Ale
ABV. : 4.5%
IBU : -

“Bread” is a collaboration beer we brewed with Bricolage Bread & Co., a bakery in Roppongi owned by Michelin 2 star chef, Mr. Namae. The bakery has been looking for a way to “up-cycle” the crust of their signature "Pain de campagne" (A type of French Bread) made with rye. The use of their toasted rye bread crust adds a unique character to the beer. With toasty note and refreshing drinkability, makes this beer a great companion with bread and all other food pairing.

1% of sales from this beer will be donated to 530 week, an environmental organization in Japan.

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