<transcy>Repubrew Adult's Golden Stout</transcy>

Repubrew Adult's Golden Stout

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*Please note the Best before date is 27/10/2021

Volume: 500ml

Style : Golden Stout
ABV : 5%
IBU : -

Top 10 rated Japanese Brewery on Untappd!

An unusual golden stout that create its "Stout" character by adding in"Kenya Kagumoini" coffee bean.

As a coffee lover, head brewer in Repubrew always goes to a local shop in Numazushi called "Swing Coffee Stand". One day they are talking about making a beer using their coffee beans. "Kenya Kagumoini" was finally selected for the beer after countless testing.

Lime, black currant and chocolate aroma, which is prefect for how the head brewer imagine a golden stout. Prefect balance between fruitiness and coffee beans' fragrance. a very drinkable beer. Coffee-like beautiful amber body and elegant aroma, that's how you make a Adult's Golden Stout. 

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