<transcy>Repubrew BB Sour Hazy IPA</transcy>

Repubrew BB Sour Hazy IPA

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*Please note the Best before date is 27/10/2021

Volume: 500ml

Style : Fruit Sour Hazy IPA
ABV : 4%
IBU : -

Top 10 rated Japanese Brewery on Untappd!

Black berries, Sour, Hazy IPA. This beer brings out and balances every elements from

The name BB stands for "B"lack "B"erry, which came from a company called Oregon Fruit in Portland USA. High quality fruit puree from local Oregon's farmers. For the souring part, Lactobacillus plantarum that are developed by the local Nomazushi laboratory were used.

So as its name, black berries give the beer a purple-red color body with slight haze. Citrusy, berry-like and slight grassy aroma. On palate, of course you will first get sourness from black berry and lactic acid, but it won't overtake the flavors completely. Slight hops character, you will also get gentle grapefruit and citrus flavors. Oats and wheat for a smoother mouthfeel. Natural tannins from blackberries also give this beer a feel of red wine. 

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