<transcy>Y.Market Brewing "Yellow Sky" Pale Ale</transcy>

Y.Market Brewing "Yellow Sky" Pale Ale

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Volume : 370ml
Style : Fruit Pale Ale
ABV. : 5.5%
IBU : 19

2020 best Japanese brewery on Ratebeer! Top 20 rated Japanese Brewery on Untappd!

"Dye purple sky into yellow!" Use Purple Sky as a base, adding in enourmous amount of Yuzu Peel to create this refreshing beer.

Based on American Pale Ale and add in bunch of Yuzu peel, Perfect harmony between Yuzu and Citra hop's aroma. Light body, medium blonde, golden pour with slight haze. Slight sweetness from malt, dry bitter yuzu finishing. A very refreshing beer. 
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